Virgin Atlantic Tests Google Glass

Google Glass™ has begun to enter many different professions and industries. We have seen Google Glass being used by surgeons, nurses, real estate agents, and even school children. And, now Google Glass is making its way into the airline industry.

googleglass virgin

Virgin Atlantic has begun a pilot program, which lasts six weeks, where they will be testing out Google Glass and seeing how it can help with customer service. The program is happening only in the Upper Class lounge at London’s Heathrow Airport.

Concierge at the airport will be able to use Google Glass to provide passengers with their latest flight information, the weather status, and events happening at their destination. They will also be able to translate foreign language information. Concierge might eventually be able to use the technology to see passengers’ food and drink preferences.

If the six-week project goes well, then the airline will more than likely roll it out to other airports. I think Google Glass will be able to perform well for the tasks they are giving it, so I have a feeling that the project/test will go pretty well.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Google Glass can be useful in this type of industry?

Glass is a trademark of Google Inc.