Virgin Atlantic to Use Google Glass in General Check-in Areas

Virgin Atlantic was the first airline to use Google Glass to assist and check-in upper class passengers. They began testing and using the device very early this year around February at the London Heathrow Airport. About a month after they began testing the device they announced that their little trial was a success and that they would continue testing the device. And, near the end of June, they permanently implemented the device at the London Heathrow Airport.


Even though Google Glass has only been used to assist and check-in upper class passengers in the past, Virgin Atlantic is interested in expanding the device’s usage to general check-in areas so that check-ins can be faster for everyone.

According to Marketing Magazine, Virgin Atlantic is still working on their plans and that they are trying to decide where the trial will take place. But, Virgin Atlantic is definitely interested in expanding their Google Glass “program” to general check-in areas at more locations.

David Bulman, Virgin Atlantic’s chief information officer, has stated that they are going to use Google Glass, and that they will also be trialing other glasses to see if they can help with the check-in process as well. He has also stated that they are testing some apps that will allow staff to grab booking information and other information by simply taking a picture of a passenger’s passport.

“We are going to start with Google Glass, but we are trialling a number of different glasses.”

“We’re trialling apps that allow [staff] to take a picture of your passport, which then works with our systems to find your booking and other information.

“We have done trials with printers that sit on people’s belts, so that we can print off boarding passes.”

Like I said above, Virgin Atlantic is still working out their plans, but they are definitely going to expand their Google Glass usage to general check-in areas. And, from what it sounds like, the expansion is not going to be limited to the London Heathrow Airport.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think this is a smart move by Virgin? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

Source: Marketing Magazine