Virtual Tags and QR Codes for Real Estate Agents

Google Glass Real Estate

Over two months ago we published a post about how Google Glass can be helpful to real estate agents. The post has been very well received, and has been getting a bit of attention as of late. Some of the possible uses that we suggested in the post included virtual tours using hangouts, quick communication, going over contracts, virtual inspections and a few other things.

In the comments section on that article Brett Werner suggested another possible way that Google Glass could help out when it came to real estate.

A function for prospective buyers driving through neighborhoods- have balloon pop up with for sale/rent, $, sqft and realtor contact info. I was using Glass today looking for a rental, you’re on to something.

It’s a very imaginative idea, and one that is possible. Virtual tags are already a thing, so it’s not completely impossible to have one giant tag that displays most of the information that you would want to know about a house as you pass by it. With that said, you would have stop driving or be walking to safety use an app like this – wouldn’t be the smartest thing to be staring at a house while driving.

Brett Werner also sparked some inspiration in my own mind. QR codes seem like another way that real estate agents could use Google Glass, but it would require someone to do a bit of developing. Right now, there are a few services available for real estate agents that allow them to create QR codes that, when scanned, bring up the house listing information on the user’s device.

The same approach seems like something that is definitely possible on Google Glass. Someone interested in a home could scan a QR code using Google Glass and have information about pricing, realtor contact information, and maybe even pictures of inside the home displayed to them. Like I said before though, that would require someone to create an application that would display the information in a user-friendly manner on Google Glass.

The ability to see all the information about a house that’s for sale at the glimpse of an eye sounds pretty rad. What are your thoughts on this though? Do you like Brett Werner’s idea? Developers do you think you could make something like this happen? Please share your thoughts in the comments section down below!