Want an Invite? Go Ask For One at an Approved Provider


Google Glass invite card.

Google Glass™  Explorer Anthony Gordano shared an easy and interesting way to get a Google Glass invite if you haven’t gotten one already.

His Google+ post:

If people are still looking for invites I noticed that if you go to one of the Glass approved providers they have these little cards with invite codes on them.

Apparently, these approved providers have some Google Glass invite cards that they are hiding behind the counter. Sneaky, sneaky, Google. So, if you are interested in Google Glass, but don’t yet have an invite, then consider stopping by one of these places and asking for an invite. The eye doctor will probably give you a sales pitch for their services, or at least I’m assuming they will, but hey … you got to do what you go to do to get that Glass.

If you are not interested in going to one of these approved providers to try to get an invite, then there other ways you can try to get one. A ton of people share and give out invites on the Google Glass subreddit. You can also buy a Google Play music subscription, which some people have supposedly gotten an invite from. The one way not to get an invite is to constantly spam places and beg for one, nobody likes that … so don’t do it.

Anyway, make sure to give Anthony a thumbs-up and high-five for discovering this! Also, if you got a spare invite and you are feeling a little generous, you’re definitely more than welcome to offer it up in the comments to people who are interested and can afford it (Just a suggestion).