Wichita State Professors Create Accessory that Expands FOV of Google Glass Camera

A group of professors from Wichita State University have created an accessory that expands the field of view of the camera on Google Glass. The accessory, created by professors Jibo He and Barbara Chaparro with help from Long Wang, is called “Google Lens” and attaches to Google Glass via a small holder.

The little accessory is able to expand the FOV of the camera on Google Glass pretty significantly. To be exact, it can expand the camera’s horizontal FOV from 54.8 degrees to 109.8 degrees and expand the vertical FOV from 42.5 degrees to 57.8 degrees. That is quite an improvement.

The main purpose of the accessory is to help the camera on Google Glass to capture more of its surroundings. Allowing people and professionals who use Google Glass for remote conferences and capturing videos to record objects and other things that would normally be out of the camera’s field of view.

The creators of the accessory seem to be interested in selling this little Lens and have applied for a patent. As for when and where it will be available, we have no idea. But, we’ll update you when that information becomes available.

So, are you interested in this accessory?

Source: Wichita.edu