XE16.2 is Rolling Out

The XE16.2 update is being rolled out to Explorer’s and includes some cool new features.

Photo by @ryankopinsky

Google announced the XE 16.2 update and the changes it would bring on Google+, yesterday. The update includes some good changes. Here is what you will find in the XE 16.2 update.

Photo and Video Backup

With the XE 16.2 software update, Google Glass backups are only done when you’re Google Glass is plugged in and on Wi-Fi. You can also force a backup on any connection. To force a backup, you need go to the Auto Backup card in the settings and tap to start a backup.

Clear Photos and Videos From Timeline

Photos and Videos can now be cleared from the timeline. To clear photos and videos from the timeline, you simply have to tap the auto backup card to sync and then swipe forward to “clear” the media. This will help you free up some storage space and keep your timeline a little cleaner.

Smarter Phone Answering

This is probably the best part of the update. On software versions prior to XE16.2, you were forced to use Google Glass during calls even if you answered the calls using your smartphone. Well, no longer will you be forced to use Google Glass during calls. With XE 16.2, if you use your phone to answer a call or to make a call, then the audio on the phone will be used. If you make a phone call with Google Glass, then the Google Glass audio will be used.

These are some awesome changes. Still, Google has not mentioned whether or not the update will fix some of the new bugs that came with the KitKat upgrade. I imagine some bugs were fixed, but it would be nice to know what they were.

So, are you happy with this latest update? Share your thoughts about the XE 16.2 software update with us in the comments section down below!