A 9-Year-Old Girl Wants HoloLens To Be Used By Astronauts To Exercise

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There are millions of people on Earth who are not exercising every day and they’re out of shape, fat and unhealthy. A sedentary lifestyle is not indicated and we recommend those lazy people who spend their time watching TV or playing games continuously to go outside and practice sports. But what if you’re an astronaut floating in space above our planet and you can’t run or play tennis? A little girl has the solution for you! With the Microsoft HoloLens hologram device which will reach the International Space Station in December, your exercises in space will be more fun.

Laura Doyle, 9, came with a brilliant idea after her father, Michael, a software developer attended the 2015 International SpaceApps Challenge Hackathon and talked with an astronaut called Cady Coleman, who explained him how important it is to exercise, especially in space. The little girl was fascinated by this subject and asked her dad to help her start a project, International Space Station Interesting Exercise, which will help astronauts to have fun while exercising in space.

Usually, astronauts spend an hour a day riding a bike or running on a treadmill, then they continue with an hour an a half of resistance training to build muscle mass. Some astronauts skip these exercises because they’re getting bored and they’re not motivated to waste 2.5 hours a day to maintain a fit, fabulous body.

Laura can motivate these astronauts to continue their exercises using Microsoft’s HoloLens, which provide an augmented reality experience, but the images allow the user to see the real world through the projected images. This way, they can also watch videos and play games at the same time. Laura and her dad will determine which game will be fun to play and they’ve started to work on games for the exercise bike (CEVIS), treadmill (COLBERT) and resistance device (ARED), but they need funding to carry out the project.

Sources: FiatPhysica and IBTimes.