Asus confirmed that they will develop a Hololens-type of headset

asus vr headset

Microsoft’s Hololens is a holographic computer that’s built into a headset which allows you to see and interact with holograms within the environment such as the office or living room space. In addition, you don’t need to have the Hololens wireless connected to a computer, as the headset comes with a build-in computer.

It seems that Asus has finally confirmed that they are planning to release an augmented reality (AR) headset next year. Jonny Shih, CEO at Asus, said that this headset should be released in 2016, when the company will finally come with a product. Shih said that augmented reality is very important for people’s lives and it will be soon a very popular device that more and more consumers will want to get their hands on.

According to some earlier comments made by Asus, their AR headset will look almost similar to Microsoft’s HoloLens and it will be cheaper. However, Asus has not confirmed that their AR headset will be a “clone” of the HoloLens and the final price hasn’t been specified yet.

On the other hand, Microsoft confirmed that HoloLens will become an entire category and not just something that it will sell by itself. Even if the technology is not fully immersive like the regular virtual reality (VR), it makes the glasses to insert some simulated objects into the real world.

Microsoft has confirmed that they will release a developer version of the HoloLens in early 2016 and it will cost 3000 dollars. We agree that they will not be very cheap, but in time we think that the price will be reduced. In addition, if Asus will truly release a cheaper VR headset in 2016, Microsoft will most likely reduce the price of its HoloLens.

What are your thoughts about VR headsets? Will you purchase a VR headset once it will be available for the public or do you think that this device is too expensive?

Source: engadget and CNET