Build a Bootleg HoloLens for a Little Over $10

In January, Microsoft announced that they were working on an augmented reality headset called the HoloLens. Since that announcement, most developers and consumers have been patiently waiting for Microsoft to mention a release date and price for the headset. While most people are patiently waiting for an announcement relating to the device’s release, one developer has decided to create his own bootleg HoloLens so that he can start working on his projects a little bit early.


Sean Hall, a virtual reality game developer, was able to create his bootleg HoloLens for around $10. His makeshift headset consists of a 3D printed enclosure that a smart phone can be mounted to, and some reflective materials. The headset uses a mirror and plexiglass to reflect images from the phone, and to re-display them as if they were a Hologram.

Right now, the bootleg headset is pretty basic and is only able to project holograms. With that being said, Sean is working on adding a Leap Motion and depth sensor to the Headset so that he can interact with the things that the headset produces.

Video of Sean’s Headset:

Sean’s headset is definitely far from a full-fledged HoloLens. Microsoft promised that their headset will not require a phone, and Sean’s headset requires that. Still, Sean’s device is a nice little prototype and definitely provides people with something to tinker with.

If you’re interested in creating your own bootleg HoloLens, then you’re in luck. Sean has uploaded his enclosure on Thingiverse so that other people can 3D print one if they want. Obviously, you’ll still need a phone, mirror and some plexiglass to create the bootleg HoloLens.

Source: 3DPrint