HoloLens To Change Itself – Lots Of People Engineers Fired By Microsoft


M.D., a user from NeoGAF forums, has read an article on Ynet which was written in Hebrew, where it was mentioned that Microsoft Israel decided to stop the project that the Israeli team was working on.

The team had 60 engineers consisting of 30 permanent ones, which will receive a new job at Microsoft, while the other 30 engineers, which were contracted workers, have been fired immediately.

HoloLens Might Use A Different Tech From The US

According to Ynet, this group of engineers was working on the HoloLens project in the last two and a half years, based on the technology of a company that Microsoft has bought in Israel, about six years ago. It seems that Microsoft will now stop the project in there and continue the development of the HoloLens using a different technology that’s produced in the US.

After Ynet has posted that article, Microsoft Israel has made a statement, saying that they’ve recently made some decisions that affected a number of jobs in the company. According to Microsoft Israel, the company is increasing the investments in some areas, while the investments in other areas are reduced.

Because of this, there is a “shift” in jobs across the organization, but Microsoft’s top priority is to find jobs for the 30 engineers that are currently searching for a job inside the company.

According to M.D. from NeoGAF, it not yet known if this will affect the entire HoloLens project or just a certain aspect of the project. Microsoft’s HoloLens is currently using Augmented Reality (AR) and it is the first holographic computer that runs on Windows 10 and it doesn’t require a PC or smartphone connection to function.

Do you think that the HoloLens project will significantly change if it will move to the Microsoft US? What are your thoughts about this awesome headset developed by Microsoft?

Sources: Ynet and WccfTech.