HoloLens – More Desirable With Each Demo Video About It

hololens video

In the latest demo video for Hololens, we’ve seen the capabilities of the AR headset that will be released in the first quarter of 2016. This gadget will open new doors and the new technology will change the way people will spend their free time. Currently, computers and TVs are the main attractions, but they can’t replace the feeling that sports fan will experience while being spectators sitting in a real stadium. But a new demo video released by Microsoft has convinced them to forget about spending lots of money on Super Ball tickets, because in the near future, they’ll watch the games with HoloLens.

HoloLens is the augmented reality headset that will overshadow virtual reality devices, but it won’t come cheap, as Microsoft announced that it will cost $3,000 and in a first phase, it will be available to select developers. They will use the Development Edition of the HoloLens to create applications for it, then release it to the public. Most likely, the majority of games will be costly, so that their creators will recover the investment. The HoloLens will change the future and will be part of our lives for a long time.

And the sports fans will love it the most, because they will be able to watch games on their normal TVs in the living room, while information and stats will pop up, turning everything into a dynamic experience. And, let’s not forget the bird’s eye view of the stadium, which will allow the users to “fly up” in the air and look at the spectators and the football field from above.

HoloLens will run on Windows 10 and won’t require to be paired with a computer. The wearers will use it to see their favorite players being brought to life and they will appear out of the sudden, in their rooms, and throw balls, while a mini stadium in 3D will be projected on a coffee table and the users will have the option to see instant replays. So, if you want to be amazed of HoloLens’ capabilities, watch this video below:

Sources: BGR & HNGN