HoloLens, The Augmented Reality Headset That Will Arrive Soon

hololens microsoft

A year ago, at its Windows 10 event, Microsoft was giving early information about the upcoming AR handset HoloLens, and recently, the company has said that soon, those who are interested in purchasing the development kit, they will be able to pre-order it at a price of $3000. There are many people who have heard about the HoloLens, but they don’t know much about this device, what is capable to do for them and if it has anything in common with the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, which are the biggest rivals.

Microsoft has built this holographic computer into a headset called “HoloLens” and with it, the users can interact with their rooms or offices, through holograms. The handset benefits from HD lenses and spatial sound technology to guarantee the highest quality holographic experience, while inside, the sensors work together with the processor and GPU, which are based on a custom-built silicon and a holographic chip created by Microsoft.

After the on-board sensors capture real-time data, the Holographic Processing Unit (HPU) processes it, and a big contribution to the success of this headset will be attributed to NASA, who worked closely with Microsoft in order to bring the HoloLens to life. NASA’s involvement in this project was well thought, because in the future, the employees will be given the possibility to control the Mars rover Curiosity.

Besides interacting with an environment, the HoloLens will allow the users to assemble 3D models, to video chat with your friends from applications such as Skype (you’ll see people as holograms), play games (Minecraft) etc. Also, the headset will be used to explore the human anatomy and Microsoft already showed a demo at the Build developer conference in which physiology students were able to do that. Moreover, universal applications from Windows 10 (Office, Outlook, Photos) will be supported by HoloLens. Plus, developers will add their own applications to this augmented-reality device.

Sources: TrustedReviews & Microsoft