HoloLens – What’s Its Battery Life And How Does It Connect?

hololens battery life

The HoloLens will start shipping in Q1 2016 and the Development Edition will cost $3,000, but the price of the Consumer Edition hasn’t been announced yet. Either way, the augmented reality headset will have an adjustment wheel in the headband so it could fir for any type of adult head. It will be powered by an Intel processor, but the users will want to know how much time they will be able to spend with this headset attached to their heads, before its battery will die. Luckily, more information about the HoloLens was leaked by Bruce Harris, a Technical Evangelist at Microsoft, who attended an event that took place in Tel Aviv, Israel.

According to Bruce Harris, the HoloLens will be used to view 3D projections and you’ll have the impression that you’re 2 feet away from a 15-inch monitor. The HoloLens will combine HD holograms with the real world and the display might be Full HD or 4K. The users will be able to interact with the augmented objects (overlaid on the real world) using their fingers or moving their hands.

The HoloLens will connect to many devices via WiFi or Bluetooth, but it will also run independently, just like a Windows 10 PC, which means that it will support universal Windows 10 applications.

The battery of the headset won’t last an entire day, but its estimated life is from 2.5 to 5.5 hours, depending on what you’re doing. If you’re playing games, recording videos, taking pictures, or watching a video, then without a doubt, the device won’t withstand too much. But if you’re doing something simpler and you’re interacting less with the augmented reality, then you’ll be able to extend the battery life of your HoloLenses.

Last year, in October, Microsoft has showed a Hololens demo with a user playing a game where he was fighting against a giant alien, while another user projected a virtual screen on a wall. Harris said that the total field of view might be improved over time.

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