HoloLens Will Stream Xbox One Games

hololens xbox

Microsoft is aggressively promoting its HoloLens technology and this is a good thing, because there will be many consumers who will want to use the handsets for various purposes, including for gaming. And their wish will come true, because Microsoft is planning to allow the Xbox One owners to play games using HoloLens, and there’s a video with a real-time demonstration posted by Varun Mani, the Microsoft project manager.

The HoloLens development kits cost $3,000 and they will be shipped out at the beginning of 2016. Until January, Microsoft will approve developer applications for the devkits and but only developers living in the continental U.S., Puerto Rico or Canada will be allowed to create these applications. Also, if they will be accepted to develop applications for HoloLens, they will be allowed to purchase even two development kits.

Varun Mani, the program manager who is responsible for the HoloLens and Windows Holographic has taken everyone by surprise with a video of 34 seconds (youtu.be/enaCPYuYXps) in which he showed how easy it is to stream the Halo 5 game from an Xbox One console to a TV and he even paused the gameplay and continued to play on HoloLens. This means that once the HoloLens will be sold worldwide, the handset will support more games, which will be projected within the ocular visor.

The concept isn’t unique, as Microsoft has stolen the idea from Google’s Glass, but it will be awesome if the users will have the possibility to play multiplayer games using their Xbox console, which will be paired with multiple HoloLens devices. In theory, this could work, so the users will no longer split the TV screen because they will wear a HoloLens and will get their own screen.

Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement about any gaming projects for HoloLens device, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer is optimistic regarding Xbox-to-HoloLens streaming.

Sources: CinemaBlend and GameSpot.