HoloMaps For HoloLens

hololens holomaps

It isn’t sure yet when the Consumer Edition of the HoloLens Augmented Reality device will be released, but the Development Edition, which was announced at Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event, will arrive in the Q1 and the developers will be able to purchase it for a price of $3,000. Microsoft had time to work on its own application that will make the HoloLens a navigation tool. It’s called HoloMaps and will help the users to explore the world and interact with it, while they’re experiencing the magic of augmented reality.

The HoloLens will be a more advanced device than the Oculus Rift. The latter is a virtual reality headset, which just creates an artificial environment and convinces the user to accept it as being “real”, while the HoloLens used augmented reality, which integrates digital environment with the real environment, allowing the user to interact with it in a whole new way.

The HoloLens will support any universal Windows 10-compatible application and HoloMaps will be like a holographic version Google’s Maps, allowing the users to feel like they’re standing in the middle of a certain street, and when they move their head to look in one direction, they will see the buildings on one side or the other of the street. Also, by switching to a birds-eye view, the users will be able to see even landmarks along the road.

However, the HoloMaps application will receive its information from Bing Maps, the mapping application developed by Microsoft for computers and the users will see floating icons over important buildings such as museums, hotels, restaurants etc. If the user is staring at location for longer, he/she will receive information about that place: its physical address, a phone number and customer reviews.

Also, when the user is moving around and navigating to a location, a colored trail will appear like it’s painted on the ground and a voice guidance will be added to offer turn-by-turn directions. The HoloMaps will help those who usually forget where they park their cars, by recording the location and providing a HoloTrail back to his/her vehicle.

The HoloMaps has many features and they can be accessed using Cortana voice commands.

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