Microsoft Hololens Augmented Reality: Video Released Before The Release Date


There are many short videos about the HoloLens, which prove what this upcoming device will be able to do once it will be released. Most of these videos aim to reduce all the speculations that are made about this device and instead they give some real insights to the users and the tech world on what is about to come.

During the Windows 10 launch in 2015, the release of the short videos of the HoloLens came as a surprise for everyone, where members of the press were able to take it for a “spin”.

According to IT Pro UK, currently there is no specific release date for the HoloLens, but Varun Mani, the program manager of HoloLens, has presented a footage that shows the latest Halo title streaming to the device via a Windows 10’s inbuilt Xbox One streaming capability.

We remind you that the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality device is different from other virtual reality headsets that create an imaginary world, which is actually a “Holographic Computer” based on the Windows 10 platform.

This device is not targeting only the gamers, but also the professionals such as those in the product marketing or medical field. In addition, the HoloLens will be able to be used for medical students which will become surgeons, allowing them to perform surgeries virtually, before they move to a real person.

Here are some examples of what HoloLens is capable of:

We remind you that HoloLens is a prototype that was unveiled earlier in 2015. The Developer Edition of this device is expected to happen sometime in 2016, while a consumer release date is slated for sometime in 2017 or even later.

The HoloLens “Developer Edition” costs 3000 dollars and can be purchased only by true developers after being accepted by Microsoft.

What are your thoughts about augmented virtual reality? Will you purchase the HoloLens device once it will be released for the public or do you think that it is too expensive?

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