Microsoft Hololens idea of the week

microsoft hololens idea

On December 1, Microsoft has announced the launch of the “Share Your Idea” website and forum, the place where the developers submitted their ideas for the experiences they want to see on HoloLens. Until January 11, there were 5,000 submissions, but Microsoft has picked three of the most popular ideas that have been voted by the community and after a final 24 hour Twitter poll, “Galaxy Explorer” was chosen a winner. The HoloLens development team will build the winning application with the help of its creator, which will attend weekly build reviews and Q&A sessions. In the end, the application will be released for Microsoft’s HoloLens Augmented Reality device.

The three finalists were “Galaxy Explorer”, “Grab the Idol” and “Airquarium”, but 58% of the voters on Twitter have chosen which application will be developed by Microsoft for its HoloLens AR headset. Galaxy Explorer will allow the users to navigate the galaxy and they’ll learn more about Earth, other planets, stars and comets, using natural gestures and voice commands. They will “land” on planets with their fictional starship or take the trip by car or rocket, and the futuristic UI will allow the users to zoom in and out and explore the entire Milky Way, to find its wonders.

The application will take advantage of the objects in the users’ rooms to make them look like the landscape of a planet. The users will have the impression that they’re in the middle of the hot plasma of the sun and they’ll see ice formations from a planet, as these environments will be replicated in the users’ rooms.

The features of “Galaxy Explorer” will include: spatial mapping for the environmental effects; plane-finding for the display of data/facts on wall, gestures, gaze and VUI. The creator of this application was inspired by Planetarium – Dark Side of the Room, Galaxy map, GalaxyView, Holo-universe, Star/Universe Map and other applications which were designed to explore the universe.

Sources: TechRadar & MicrosoftStudios