Microsoft Might Build A Life Sized Cortana For HoloLens


As we’ve told you in a previous article, Microsoft allows you to share your idea about the application that should be released for HoloLens. Well, it seems that someone who is known as “LookItsKris” posted his idea on the “Share Your Idea” website.

He suggested that Microsoft should add real-life Cortana with whom the users could interact using the HoloLens. LookItsKris said that the users should be able to see and interact with a hologram of Cortana from Halo. The same user claimed that someone could ask a question on HoloLens and get the answer on a phone, but he said that the possibilities are endless.

Currently, the Cortana for HoloLens idea has around 500 votes, which puts it on the second place. However, the number one idea has already almost 3000 votes and it was posted by the user FatedTitan. This idea would allow the users to watch the League of Legends matches through the HoloLens and see the entire map before you’re their eyes.

The Microsoft HoloLens is a holographic headset that will allow the users to see different items overlaid on the real world. The American multinational technology company headquartered in Redmond, Washington announced the technology earlier this year, after 5 years of development. According to reports, a developer version of this device will be shipped in Canada and U.S. during the first quarter of 2016 and it will cost 3000 dollars.

The HoloLens app ideas can be posted until January 11, 2016 when three of the most “viable” ideas will be chosen by the HoloLens development team. They will put those three ideas on a final vote on Twitter and the winning idea will be developed by the HoloLens team and distributed by Microsoft.

Do you think that the League of Legends idea for HoloLens will be selected by the developer team for the final vote?

Sources: WccfTech and PC Magazine.