Minecraft on Microsoft HoloLens

minecraft augmented reality

After announcing it a year ago, Microsoft took its HoloLens at the E3 Expo, which took place at the Los Angeles Convention Center (LACC) in Los Angeles. The development team has showed those who were present two demos of Project X-Ray (a robot shooting game), and the famous Minecraft. Everyone was waiting to adventure into the world of blocks and explore the surroundings. Once the world was loaded up, the person who tested out the HoloLens headset started taking steps and followed a character controlled by a member of the staff. Using voice commands, the wearer asked the camera to track the character’s movement and, this way, he was able to follow his actions more easily. Do you want to know why HoloLens will be so important for the Minecraft fans? Below, we’ll give you the answer to this question.

HoloLenswill be shipped to developers in the first quarter of this year, but in a first phase will be available to developers who will pay $3000 on the Development Edition. However, one of the games that will be supported by HoloLens is Minecraft, which is played by 1 million people. And soon, those who will buy the VR headset will play the game in a first-person perspective.

When entering the game, the players will see a digitally constructed world and they will know where they are and what’s going on in the room, thanks to the sensors that the HoloLens is equipped with. The objects from the user’s field of view (chairs, tables, doors etc.) will be recognized, and these elements will be overlaid by virtual objects.

The players can explore maps, move them around by making a pinching motion in front of their eyes, then when they’ll move their hands, the map will move with them. Everything that has been included on the map – tunnels, caverns, streams of lava and other spots can be seen in the vicinity. Also, in order to select a block or drag it around, the players will use their index finger, bring it down just like clicking on the mouse button, then hold it in a position that will allow them to drag the block around. This is how players will construct things in Minecraft, with HoloLens.

Sources: The Guardian & Engadget