The Next Step: Watching The Super Bowl With Microsoft’s HoloLens AR Headset

hololens football stadium

There are people who are true fans of football and spend up to $8000 on a ticket to the Super Bowl, just to see the game in front of their eyes. Indeed, it’s better than watching the game online, on a screen, but, at least, sitting at home doesn’t cost you money, as you’ll just sit on your couch and drink beer. Microsoft has a better idea, which involves watching football games at home, but the person will have the impression that he’s a spectator in a stadium. Microsoft explained the concept in a 2-minute video, but more about it we’ll tell you bellow.

As you know, Microsoft will release an augmented reality headset called HoloLens, which will allow the users to interact with computer-generated elements that overlaid on the real world, such as walls, doors, furniture etc. So, when watching a match on TV, the AR headset will show scores, so that the person will find out other information in real time. But, in the future, the users will become spectators without actually leaving their houses, as they will use an augmented reality headset to watch the game.

The HoloLens device will offer this experience and Microsoft has released a video showing how a person will look at the TV screen and the area off screen will be projected onto the walls, where the user will see the entire stadium. He will turn around and will have the impression that he’s in the middle of the other real spectators. In the video that has a length of 2 minutes, the people who wear a HoloLens headset will see Russell Wilson Marshawn Lynch passing through the wall and throwing the ball, while having his name placed in front of him. Also, if the user wants to view replays, he can use gesture controls to recreate the football stadium in miniature, on the table. At the same time, the user can get information about the current weather conditions from the stadium, so he will know if it’s sunny or gloomy.

Sources: TheVerge & IGN