Important information about HTC Vive VR to be showcased during CES 2016

htc vive

Virtual Reality headsets will be very popular in the upcoming years, as many manufacturers have already started working on their own VR devices. It seems that HTC will release its Vive VR headset during the CES 2016. This CES 2016 event will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada during January 6-9, 2016.

According to Engaget, Cher Wang, CEO at HTC, explained at the Vive Unbound Developers conference, both HTC and Valve made a very big technological breakthrough with the Vive VR.

Unfortunately, Wang didn’t give more information about what this “technological breakthrough” is or how it will “affect” the Vive VR headset, but she confirmed that HTC will demonstrate the new tech during the CES 2016.

At the same time, Wang confirmed that this was the reason why the company has delayed the release date of the HTC Vive VR until April 2016, choosing instead to re-work on the device rather than releasing it without the upgrade.

Unfortunately, there is still no news regarding the price of the HTC Vive VR. However, the device is not expected to be very cheap, as HTC is not targeting only usual consumers but also companies.

According to Wang, car brand such as Audi will be installing the Vive headset in flagship stores next year to offer VR test drivers. She is also hoping that schools and hospitals will start using the Vive VR for educational purposes.

So, if you’ve are interested about the upcoming Vive VR, then you should wait for the CES 2016 event, where HTC will come with more information about this headset. Along with the new important information about the device we’re sure that the developer will also announce the price.

Do you think that HTC Vive VR will be released in April 2016 or it will be delayed once again?

Sources: Engaget and IGN.