Icis: Fashionable Smart Glasses

Wearing Google Glass out in public tends to draw a lot of attention. Google Glass is far from fashionable, and even though the prescription frames make Google Glass look better, they are still a bit goofy looking.

One company, LAFORGE, is aiming to make a couple different lines of smart glasses that are actually fashionable, and look like normal glasses. The lines are called Icis™ and Icis BOLD™.

Like almost all smart glasses, the Icis™ and Icis BOLD™ connects to your phone over bluetooth, and draws most of its information from there. Icis™ smart glasses can display texts, tweets, and more around your field of view.

An app called socialFlo will be used to manage the apps on Icis™. There isn’t any information about what apps will be available, but apparently socialFlo makes smart phone apps recognizable by Icis™, so a lot of apps on your smart phone will work with these pairs of smart glasses. They also have an API available for developers so they can create their own widgets and apps for the device.

There’s really not much different about Icis™ compared to the many other pairs of smart glasses that are available for purchase. The specs are slightly different in each model, and socialFlo is slightly unique, but besides that there isn’t much else to say.


Here are the specs for Icis™ :

  • Texas Instruments Sitara processor @ 1 GHz
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • Running Linux for interfacing with the display.
  • 640×480 resolution (Google Glass has a resolution of 640×360).
  • Bluetooth and Bluegiga BT Radio
  • IambicFLO™directional speaker
  • NFC Wireless Charging
  • 6 hours of battery life.

The only thing different in the Icis BOLD™ line is:

  • There is 1 GB of Ram instead of 512MB of Ram
  • 800×600 resolution instead of 640×480.
  • A camera capable of 5 megapixel photos and 720p video.

The Icis™ is extremely affordable with a $320 price tag on Indiegogo, and theIcis Bold™ isn’t too bad either with a price tag of $420. You can take a peek at the Icis IndieGogo right here.

What are your thoughts on these smart glasses?