LaForge Icis Update: IndieGogo Campaign, Thinner Lenses, and Two Displays

Laforge Icis is a line of smart glasses that we covered two months ago. When we first covered them, they were running an IndieGogo campaign to get funding. They were doing a pretty good job at getting funding, which wasn’t a surprise, because their smart glasses are pretty good. With that said, some things have changed since we last covered them.


LaForge Icis is a range of different looking, but similarly spec’d smart glasses. Since we last covered them, LaForge has taken down their IndieGogo campaign. They didn’t take down the campaign because it was failing. They actually took down their campaign for a very good reason.

In a video that LaForge Optical uploaded to their Youtube channel, they explain why they halted their IndieGogo campaign. Laforge halted their funding campaign, because they didn’t feel their product was ready. They also stopped the campaign, because there was a little confusion surrounding their product.

In the video they uploaded, they also talked about some of the changes they have done since their last update. Since their last update, they have changed the thickness of the lenses and the Icis Bold will now have 2 displays. That’s pretty much it when it came to the changes on the device. With that said, you can check out the video update for yourself down below:

I really enjoyed this video update. The video update was way better than the email updates that they send out, and it definitely feels a lot more personal. I can’t wait to see the next update!

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