LaForge Icis Update: Price Changes, Roll Out Dates and More

Update 2

LaForge Optical is a company who is trying to create a very attractive and fashionable line of smart glasses. They are currently working on two different lines of smart glasses, the Icis and the Icis bold.  The difference between the two lines isn’t much. According to the IndieGogo, the Icis model has a 1GHz processor, 512MB of Ram, a 640×360 Display, a speaker, and 6 hours of battery life. The Icis Bold is a beefier version of the regular Icis model with 1GB of Ram, a 800×600 resolution and it has a camera (the Icis model doesn’t have a camera).

About a month ago, LaForge Optical started doing video updates instead of sending out old fashioned email updates. The last video update was pretty interesting and offered a lot of information about their smart glasses. Well, LaForge uploaded another video update yesterday and it’s just as interesting as the last update. So, here’s all the information you need to know from the video.

Price Changes

The most important part about this update is the big price changes it included. LaForge Optical has changed the pricing of the Icis models by a lot, and in a good way (the prices have been decreased). The “basic” Icis was originally priced and was going to be sold for $420 a pair, but the price has now been reduced to $399 a pair. The Icis Bold was originally priced to be sold for $620 a pair, but it has been reduced to $549 a pair. The beta kit of the Icis glasses was going to be sold for $820 a pair, but the price for the beta kit has been reduced to $549.

The price change for the “basic” Icis glasses isn’t that big, but the other models have definitely seen a decent price reduction. The prices have been reduced because Laforge Optical has found a new display provider who can give them better displays for around half the cost that they were originally paying for their displays.

Release Dates and Other Things

When Laforge Optical first started talking about their smart glasses, it seemed like there was going to be a huge amount of time between people getting beta kits and people getting a finished model. There was originally an estimated six month delay between the beta kit and the finished products.

Well, the original six month delay between the Icis early beta kit and Icis model has been changed to three months. The reason behind the time change is that Laforge Optical believes the needed / suggested changes between the beta kit and Icis Model will be minor and that they can implement changes quicker than they originally thought.

When it comes to rolling out or releasing the different models. The early release of Icis (or the beta kit) will be limited to about 1000 units, which they think will take about a month to roll out. These beta kits will be rolling out sometime in the middle of 2014.

The finished product will start to roll out in late 2014 or early 2015. Both the Icis and Icis bold will be rolling out around the same time with maybe a months time in between. Also, it should be noted that people who buy an early release will be able to exchange for a later model.


In this video update, LaForge gave us a little sneak peek of one of their upcoming frame designs.

Here it is:

Frame Concept

The design is an Icis Bold Unisex concept. While this concept features a unisex design, the Icis Bold line will also feature designs targeted towards men and women specifically. All designs from Laforge Optical will have prescription and non-prescription options. So, even if you don’t wear prescription lenses you have nothing to worry about.


Definitely a good round of updates and I’m sure anyone interested in these smart glasses will appreciate the price change. LaForge is doing some great things and the frames they’ve designed so far are very stylish. It’s definitely interesting to watch a company bring style into an area of tech that mostly features geeky looking designs. Anyway, I can’t wait for the next round of updates!

If you want to watch the update video for yourself, then click the video below:

What are your thoughts on these changes? What do you think of their frame concept? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!