Laforge Optical Update: Name Change, New Materials and More

For the first time in a while, Laforge Optical sent out an update recently. For those of you who have forgotten about Laforge Optical, they are the creators behind the fashionable smart glasses called “Icis”.


The first thing that is mentioned in the update is that Laforge Optical now operates from multiple locations. After closing a $1.1 million dollar seed round in November they were able to expand to Seoul, Korea; Cambridge, England; and Venice, Italy.

The next thing Laforge Optical mentioned in the update is that they are going to change the name of their smart glasses from Icis to something else. They are going to change the name, because the current name is pronounced the same exact way as a certain terrorist group’s name. Laforge Optical will tell us the new name for their smart glasses after the new year.

With the new name, there will also be some new marketing efforts. Apparently, we will start to see Laforge Optical’s first advertisements in 2015.

Furthermore, throughout 2015 you will be seeing some our first advertisements for [the new product]. The goal is for our ads to show the sexiness and fun-loving nature of our eyewear and its wearers; think Tom Ford meets an American Eagle advertisement (very California!). A lot of companies are making ads that do direct comparisons with other product offerings. We won’t be doing that. We will let our product speak for itself.

Laforge Optical is also changing the “Bold” line of their smart glasses to a package. Laforge Optical’s bold line was pretty much a separate line of frames that were basically amped up Icis smart glasses.

In order to cut down on confusion, we have decided to turn Icis Bold into the “Bold package”. The Bold Package will include a camera that is seamlessly integrated into the frame, a second display for the left side (so you can see twice as much information), and limited edition colors. The additional benefit is that you will be able to order almost any frame style we produce without having to upgrade to Bold.

Already, that’s a lot of changes, but that’s not all of them. Laforge Optical’s glasses will now be made out aluminum; and will have a new processor and battery inside as well.

Laforge Optical really wanted to offer acetate frames at launch, but the acetate frames need a 6-month aging period before they can be used. So, temporarily, Laforge Optical will be making their frames out of aluminum. The aluminum frames will be available in multiple colors AND they will be making the acetate frames available over-time.

Laforge will also be putting a different processor in their glasses. Originally, they were going to be putting a 1Ghz Texas Instruments processor inside of their glasses, but they decided that was WAY more than what was needed. So, instead, they are going to be putting a 180Mhz processor in their glasses.

The change in the processor does come with a benefit. The change allows them to pack a bigger battery inside of the glasses. Due to the change, they are able to put a battery that is just under 400mAh into the glasses. From what they are saying this battery change makes the glasses last almost all day.

That’s pretty much all the major stuff that was included in the latest update. Laforge also mentions how their lenses are in prototype production. And, they talk about how their glasses should start shipping out around this summer.

This is definitely the beefiest update that Laforge has sent out so far. Some pretty interesting changes. What are your thoughts? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!