ION Glasses: Simple Smart Glasses


ION Glasses is a piece of wearable technology that provides notifications, remote controls, alerts, and customizations. ION Glasses is able to provide these functions because of an integrated Bluetooth 4.0 chip, battery, multi-color LED set, buzzer, and two buttons. The thing that is different about ION Glasses is that the features are discretely hidden so when you’re wearing ION Glasses they look like a normal pair of glasses. So, what exactly is ION Glasses and what is it capable of doing?


Whenever you receive a call, chat message, SMS, update from a social network, e-mail, or an alarm, ION will notify you privately through an LED, which you can set to any color of choice. You are the only one that will see the LED, and only you are the one who knows what it means. The way that you are able to control the color of the LED is through the “ION APP”, which is compatible with both iOS and Android.


ION Glasses has a couple of buttons on it that can be used to control your smartphone or tablet. The buttons can be used to turn music volume up and down, or to skip a song. Besides that, you can use ION Glasses to activate your phone’s camera, and/or voice recorder.


As I’ve mentioned before you get to control what color the LEDs are on the ION glasses. Not only can you control the notification LED color, but you can also control the color of the ION Glasses logo. If for some reason you aren’t in the mood for advertising the ION Glasses logo, then you can also turn that off.

Battery Life

According to the ION Glasses website, the device’s battery life averages about a week. As we all know, actual battery life is probably going to be way lower than that.

The cool thing about ION Glasses and battery life is that your smartphone will alert you when the ION Glasses battery is getting low.

Never Lose Your Glasses or Phone

This is probably the coolest thing about the ION Glasses. With ION Glasses and your smart phone, you can set up a certain radius/distance that if your phone or ION Glasses goes beyond, will cause both devices to beep. You can also make the ION Glasses beep by using your smart phone and you can make your smartphone beep by pressing a button on your ION Glasses.

Prescription Lenses and Sunglasses

prescripts and sunglasses

The ION Glasses are prescription lens compatible and you don’t need to buy any additional attachments to add lenses. When you receive your ION Glasses you simply have to take it to your local optician to get lenses made for it.

If you don’t need prescription lenses, then there is also a sunglasses option. When it comes to the sunglasses version you have two colors to choose from, green tinted organic crystal and blue mirror effect. Personally, I like the blue mirror version better.


It’s interesting for a company to take a really simplistic route when it comes to smart glasses. Most of the time when you hear of smart glasses you here about something that is pretty much a computer monitor for your face. ION Glasses are pretty cheap too, with a retail price of about $130, but that’s because there isn’t much technology integrated inside.

Currently, there isn’t much information about when ION Glasses will be available for purchase. The last update that was posted on the Indiegogo said that they had just start the manufacturing process and that they would post an update within the next few weeks.

The couple of people who I’ve shown ION Glasses to think that the device is just a waste of money and that they look terrible. Personally, I like them and I’ve thought about picking up a pair. What are your thoughts on the ION Glasses? Most of you who read this blog are probably more interested in fancier smart glasses, but what do you think of this simplistic approach?