JINS MEME Glasses Warn You When You’re Sleepy

We all get tired throughout the day. How tired you are varies based on what you’re doing and what time of day it is. Getting tired is natural, but pushing yourself through fatigue is not and often times results in you feeling bad (physically, not emotionally). People have this problem with refusing to rest, because they think pushing through it will magically make the fatigue disappear. Sometimes it works, but most of the time it does not. So, how do you when you should rest and when you should not? Well, a new pair of smart glasses aims to answer that question for you.

JINS MEME is a pair of smart glasses that weigh about 36g and has multiple sensors. One of the sensors that the smart glasses has is a patent pending electrooculography sensor. The electrooculography sensor is a sensor that tracks eye movements. JINS MEME smart glasses use this sensor to determine the levels of mental and physical tiredness of the wearer. The smart glasses have an application that, when the smart glasses detect sleepiness, will warn you of your dwindling energy levels. The eye wear and app  can also track steps and calories burned thanks to the other two sensors (acceleration sensor and gyro sensor).



Even though this pair of smart glasses seems fairly limited, it will be getting an SDK. The SDK will allow developers to tinker with everything that the MEME smart glasses has to offer. I’m not sure what type of things can be developed for this pair of glasses, but I’m sure someone will think of an interesting use for it. They look like normal glasses, so it could become a good fitness tracking solution for those who wear prescription glasses.

By the way, when I say they look like normal glasses … I’m not joking. The JINS MEME selection is actually pretty stylish. They currently show three different options on their website.

The Wellington
Half Rim




The the consumer version of the MEME glasses will not be shipping until spring 2015, but JINS will be offering a programming kit this fall so that third-party developers can get to work and take advantage of its head and eye tracking. MEME glasses is unsure about the specs and what they will be charging. They have a small warning on their site that specs might change even though it is just a few sensors, bluetooth and a battery. The smart glasses are supposed to be released in Japan in 2015 for somewhere around ¥70,000 to ¥100,000, or $685 to $979. The company hasn’t mentioned anything about a US launch, but you can assume that it’ll be available for import or at least be available on ebay.

Opinion Time

The fact that it will notify you when you’re sleepy is a bit silly for the average consumer, but I can see it being useful for someone who actually has to stay awake. For example, a truck driver who has been driving for a while can use the glasses as a way to judge how much longer they can safely drive before they need to take a break.

I can see the fitness tracking aspect being more popular than the tiredness tracking aspect of it. Tracking fitness stats is relatively easy with phones, but they’re bulky and don’t really work well. It’s kind of hard to run when you have a phone strapped to your hip, arm, or laying in your pocket. It’s much easier to slap on a pair of glasses, especially if you already wear glasses, and track your running stats and other stuff that way.

Still, the price point is really going to kill the sales on this thing. Why would someone pay almost $1000 USD for the MEME when they can get something like the Moverio BT-200, which is cheaper and has displays built into it. JINS is going to have to really look at the price, because there are definitely smart glasses out there that offer more functionality for the money.

If you would like to learn more about these glasses, then click right here to go to their site.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this pair of smart glasses? Would you ever buy a pair? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!