Pupil Optic Smart Glasses

Pupil optic

You know how technology, as it progresses, always seems to get slimmer, more lightweight, and smaller in general. Well, smart glasses aren’t exempt from that. The displays on smart glasses are already getting smaller. They’re not getting smaller by a little bit, but by A LOT.

A video that was uploaded onto Youtube by the user “Charbax” features the Kopin Corporation and their latest Pupil Optic Smart Glasses. The video starts off with a man demoing the smart glasses. You will not be impressed at first because it’s just a dude using a pair of smart glasses. But, once you get to see the display on the smart glasses, you will be shocked at how small it is.

Here is the video:

You can barely see the display on the pair of smart glasses. It’s crazy how small it is, and the displays are only going to get smaller. I’m not sure if displays getting small is a good thing or a bad thing; a small display has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages of a smaller display are, you get a better looking design and the device will draw less attention. The disadvantage is that someone with a lack of knowledge of smart glasses might try to make the argument that smart glass users are spying on people and are now trying to hide that.

Are you happy to see that displays are getting smaller and less noticeable? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!