Listed below you'll find some of the best finance apps for Google Glass, apps are ranked by star rating, views and user clicks. Simply click the app title to view the details.

  • for Glass

    Google Glass - App
    • Official Glassware, bringing real-time currency exchange rates to your Glass. We support most popular exchange rates to PLN in current

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  • Runtastic Fitness Collection

    Google Glass - App
    • Your personal push-up, sit-up, squats and pull-up trainer that helps you reach your exercise and strength training goals with an efficient, easy-to-follow

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  • iGaranti

    Google Glass - App
    • Garanti Bank customers who use iGaranti application on their phones can see their iGaranti push notifications, limit indicator, smart shopping offers,

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  • Wallaby

    Google Glass - App
    • Pay with Wallaby is a native application that we have developed to work seamlessly with Google Glass. Just as Google Glass is in its early development, Pay

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  • Glass Wallet

    Google Glass - App
    • Expenses manager for keeping track of your finances, using Google Glass. It allows you to add new transaction, or check balance – both by voice.

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  • BTCGlass

    - App
    • BTCGlass is a bitcoin ticker app for Google Glass from CRG Studios. It monitors the USD/BTC exchange price from Mt. Gox and displays them to you in a

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