Libraries & Demo

Listed below you'll find some of the best libraries and demo apps for Google Glass, apps are ranked by star rating, views and user clicks. Simply click the app title to view the details.

  • CityViewAR for Glass

    Google Glass - App
    • CityViewAR for Google Glass is a Augmented Reality application that allows people to see how the city was before the earthquakes and building demolitions.

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  • MindMeister

    Google Glass - App
    • MindMeister is the market leading online mind mapping software solution that runs inside your standard web browser and on mobile devices. With MindMeister

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  • no-image-2379

    Glass Gestures

    Google Glass - App
    • Simple app to test all the glass gestures that are available visually. This app can be started using the voice intent ‘ok glass, test gestures’

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  • UniSpeech for Google Glass

    Google Glass - App
    • A near realtime speech translation app for Google Glass and Android. Features Translate between 30 languages Use cases Learn/practice a new language

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  • Glass Praiser

    - App
    • Glass Praiser is a very simple app that only intends to make your life a little better by sending you compliments once a day through your Google Glass.

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