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  • Lingua app for Google Glass

    Google Glass - App
    • Whether travelling, or translating a document, or on an interpreting assignment; or an engineer working on an environmental project; or an interpreter

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  • Shop X

    Google Glass - App
    • Shop X enables you to create your shopping list by voice command. The items in your shopping list are sorted by category and can be checked off whenever

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    Drive Sphero

    Google Glass - App
    • Move your head up and down to make the Sphero go forward or backward and turn your head to make it turn. Mode 1: – Pair Glass and Sphero (see below)

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  • no-image-1502

    Power Options for Google Glass

    Google Glass - App
    • A simple Power Options card for toggling hardware. Currently enables/disables Wifi and Bluetooth Vocie Commands: Okay Glass -> Power Options -> Wifi

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  • Glass Date Display

    Google Glass - App
    • With this app, you can display the date on Google Glass home screen.

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  • GlassTesla

    - App
    • Glass Tesla is an app for Google Glasses. It lets Tesla Model S owners interact with their vehicle with Google Glass. vehicle charging status. Locate your

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  • Color Snap for Google Glass

    - App
    • ColorSnap for google glasses in an app that provides Color inspiration can strike anywhere, any time. Sherwin-Williams has been empowering that inspiration

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  • Zite

    - App
    • Zite on Google Glass allows users to scroll through the top 10 stories on their personalized site, and stay up to date on the most important news to them.

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  • Genie your Personal Assistant on Glass

    - App
    • Genie is a powerful platform that helps you to magnify your life with Glass, connect and share with others. More than a single app, genie is a collection

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  • Facebook for Google Glasses

    - App
    • Share photos and videos directly from Google Glass to Facebook.  You can read the Facebook Glass Faq for more information.

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