Listed below you'll find some of the best productivity apps for Google Glass, apps are ranked by star rating, views and user clicks. Simply click the app title to view the details.

  • Whisbi ShowRoom

    Google Glass - App
    • Whisbi ShowRoom is an omni-channel Glassware that lets you ‘teleport’ your online customers to physical stores or any place where your products are in less

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  • Speech Helper

    Google Glass - App
    • Speech Helper provides the user with an effective way to deliver a seamless speech. Users can upload speeches and view slide notes on Google Glass while

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  • Color Detector

    Google Glass - App
    • Simple Glassware that shows you the color of what’s in front of you. It shows the name of the color and its hex code, and if you want to pause just tap the

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  • QR Lens

    Google Glass - App
    • QR Lens gives you quick and easy access to the text contents and web links contained within QR codes.

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  • Google Goggles

    ORA - App
    • Search by taking a picture: point your ORA’s camera at a painting, a famous landmark, a barcode or QR code, a product, or a popular image. If Goggles

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  • Glass Notifications

    Google Glass - App
    • A Google Glass application that will clone notifications from an Android 4.3+ device to Google Glass. Get notified when new notifications arrive and

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  • OpenTable

    Google Glass - App
    • OpenTable is the only Google Glassware that helps you make free reservations at thousands of restaurants. How it works: Simply say “Make a reservation”

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  • 94Fifty Basketball

    Google Glass - App
    • The 94Fifty Basketball Glassware is designed to work with the 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball ( which measures muscle memory that the human

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    Google Glass - App
    • Find your lost things now! Find It is a nifty little app for Google Glass that acts as your virtual memory. It remembers where your things are, simply by

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