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  • GlassGaze

    Google Glass - App
    • GlassGaze is a client for the open source Haytham gaze tracker . This app allows you to do eye tracking and gaze tracking on Google Glass. It allows the

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  • Live Cam Tracker

    Google Glass - App
    • Live Cam Tracker helps you keep track of events most important to you. Be at different places at the same time – attend a conference while monitoring an

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  • Evercam

    Google Glass - App
    • An Evercam integration that help you explore CCTV cameras nearby. It will show a snapshot of the nearest camera when requested. * Evercam uses Location

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  • HUD for Google Glass™

    Google Glass - App
    • Designed by a pilot, HUD for Google Glass, immerses you in a true aeronaut’s experience. It displays altitude, speed, aircraft heading, pitch and

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  • Color Detector

    Google Glass - App
    • Simple Glassware that shows you the color of what’s in front of you. It shows the name of the color and its hex code, and if you want to pause just tap the

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  • Magnify

    Google Glass - App
    • Magnify lets users zoom-in on objects located in front of them using Google Glass. Users with limited vision are able to zoom in and out in order to see

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  • Savee: Battery Saver Optimizer

    ORA - App
    • Compatible on phones, tablets and glasses. Savee is not a simple control panel to enable or disable WiFi, Bluetooth… it is an intelligent energy

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  • Virtual View App

    ORA - App
    • Virtual View App is a free augmented reality property app which brings properties to life. Use your device’s camera and instantly unlock additional

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  • AR Bearing + Baseplate Compass

    ORA - App
    • A free baseplate compass and a bearing compass with Augmented Reality (AR) in a single tool! – Measure and record headings on paper or digital maps.

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  • Trackendo

    Google Glass - App
    • Don’t be afraid of losing your Google Glass™ anymore. With Trackendo you’ll be able to know the last locations your Glass was and when it was

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