3Dception : Binaural Audio Demo


3Dception is a real-time 3D binaural audio engine for Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS and Linux. This is a tech demo showcasing features such as room modelling with spatialised reflections and full 3D spatialisation over any pair of headphones. Hear sounds above, below or anywhere around you. It is at least 4x more efficient than other solutions and gets the job done with no compromises.

3Dception is currently available as a plugin for Unity Pro and developers can now download the latest mobile builds along with the Desktop platforms.

Make sure you have your headphones plugged in, and experience true binaural audio in real-time.

Minimum System Requirements 

Decent spec PC DK1 Stereo Headphones

Supported Rift Versions


Supported Controllers

Keyboard, Mouse, Gamepad

Game Modes


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