In brief: We send you yesterday’s Google Analytics each morning. We also make it easy to get your vital stats sent to your Glass whenever you need them.

www.DawnData.com is pretty simple right now: you add the app to Glass (no side loading required) and then choose which Google Analytics profile you want to use with the app*. You can wait until 8am EST for your morning report to be sent to your Glass or you can follow the instructions to get a report sent to your Glass right away. I think the FAQ should answer most questions but feel free to reach out with comments, suggestions, critiques, and praise!

*At this time, it only supports one GA profile at a time but you can change it at any time from the dashboard.

Based on feedback, we will be adding additional features like other GA data, YouTube analytics, social media (G+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instragram, etc.), Moz reports, and more!

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