INRIX Traffic app for Google Glasses

  • Avoid Delays with Auto-Reroute

While you’re in route, you receive a notification on the fly alerting
you to congestion or an incident up ahead. You reply and ask to be
rerouted. The app provides a reroute option based on your final
destination, avoiding the congestion altogether. You are shown the
“route summary” in a clean and easy format.

  • Report Incidents with a Photo

Using the Google Glass UX for taking and sharing photos, you snap a
picture of the incident ahead, navigate to it and select the “INRIX
report” share card to upload it to our web application. Your images are
stored both locally, on your Google+ account and in our app.

  • Keep Others Informed of Your ETA

A pinned card on your Google Glass timeline recurrently updates,
showing your ETA to your current destination. You can select that card
and send it to a contact to keep them informed of your whereabouts.
“Send my INRIX arrival time to Laura” will utilize your embedded Google
contact information and send a Google Talk message, or email (if not
Google email address) to Laura, utilizing the standard INRIX messaging.

  • Enjoy More of the Things You Love

Once you arrive at your destination, INRIX will push a notification
to Glass informing you of exactly how much time you saved by using INRIX
Traffic. This notification will be calculated based the time difference
between your normal route and the alternative route you chose during
the reroute scenario.

Want to know more about what INRIX Traffic could look like on Google Glass? Check out the video below.

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