Star Chart for Google Glass


We have built Star Chart specifically for Google Glass making many changes both big and small to the UI, interface and feature-set. We’ve ensured that the Star Chart for Google Glass experience is tailored to the hardware making the Star Chart experience even more intuitive.

With Star Chart for Google Glass you will get to explore the wonders of our universe by simply looking up at the sky to discover the stars, planets and constellations above you.
Features of Star Chart for Google Glass include:

– All the visible stars of the northern and southern hemispheres.
– All the planets of the solar system, the Moon, the Sun and Pluto.
– All 88 constellations, with imagery based on the beautiful artwork of 17th century astronomer Johannes Hevelius.
– Audio descriptions of all the planets and many of the brightest stars.


– To launch Star Chart for Google Glass simply say: “OK Glass” followed by “Explore the stars”.
– Once Star Chart has launched simply look at the area of the night sky you are interested and Star Chart will show you what you are looking at.
– To dismiss the audio description while it is playing simply swipe down on your Google Glass touch pad.

Three menu options exist:
– Night mode: Helps maintain night vision by toggling between a normal and red to black view – see Night Mode for more info.
– Show grid : toggles the equatorial grid on / off. See Display Settings for more info on this feature.
– Don’t read aloud: toggles the audio description auto play feature on / off.

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