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Wearable Widgets - App info

Device Google Glass
Type App
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App Mission: Put any widget from your Android phone on your Glass.
Wearable Widgets Description:

Widgets you can wear: that’s it in a nutshell. Put virtually any widget from your Android phone onto your Google Glass™.

Wearable Widgets creates a bridge from your phone to Glass for the thousands of widgets available on Android. You don’t need to wait for developers to support Glass; get your apps on your wearable now, in a format that the developer has already designed for a small screen.

Realize more of the potential of Glass with this nifty app. Take a look at the home screen of your Android phone – you probably have a number of widgets that you refer to all the time. Now imagine how useful they would be if you could see them on Glass: weather, news, sports scores and much more, all at a glance without having to drag out your phone.

Now, Please Adjust Your Expectations

• This free app supports one widget at a time. We’re currently working on multiple widget support.

• In testing we’ve come across a handful of widgets that don’t look quite right on-device (most notable of these is Twitter) and we’re still working to resolve these issues. This app is breaking new ground and there will be other bugs that need working out of it. Rest assured, we’re on the case.

• You’ll find that taps and swipes on Glass aren’t quite as nifty as when you interact directly with your phone – there’s a bit of lag in the connection between the two, and there may be no way around that.

Using with Google Glass

To show widgets, you’ll need this app installed on your Glass, plus a second app on your tethered Android phone, available from Google Play: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wearablewidgets.

Install both pieces, pick a widget on the phone side, then see it on Glass with “OK Glass… Show widgets”. You can interact with the widget by tapping on it, and selecting Tap & Swipe: select your tap point by moving your head, and if the widget supports scrolling, you can do so with a standard Glass forward or backward swipe.

If you have any difficulties, please email us, or stop by our community on Google+: goo.gl/dbZ1d0.

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