wpForGlass is an open-sourced WordPress Plugin for Google Glass. Post directly from glass to your wordpress blog.FAQDoes wpForGlass support multiple authors?
Yes it does, but with limited support for author attribution.
Currently, you can have multiple users posting to your blog with
wpForGlass, but the plugin does not yet know which author to apply
attribution to. wpForGlass defaults to the admin account to post from.
How long, on average does it take for a post to show up?
If everything is setup correctly, you can expect that images show up
within a minute or two. A video post will take longer because videos
are processed on Google’s servers first before being ready to download.
Are videos downloaded to my blog?
Yes they are. Videos are downloaded from Google’s servers and copied
into your WordPress media directory. This is subject to change as the
Mirror API evolves.

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