Lumus DK-40


The Lumus DK-40 is a monocular headset that runs the Android-operating system. While Google’s smart glasses have a small window for notifications above the right eye, the Lumus DK-40 overlays a full VGA digital image OVER the right eye. The headset uses the newest projector lenses from Lumus’ to provide the VGA resolution and 25-degree field of view. The DK-40 projector is capable of full color, and is integrated into your sight.

Specs and What’s Inside

There isn’t much information about what is inside this headset, when it comes to specs. The company seems to be doing a pretty good job not to reveal exactly what is in the headset, which is weird considering most of the people who are going to be interested in this device are going to want to know what the specs are. With that said, we know that the device is running on an OMAP processor, has a 5-megapixel camera and a motion sensor. The device also has a battery life of about two to four hours.

The DK-40 also apparently has several slot-in lenses for those who are going to need prescription lenses to use the device.

When Can I Buy One?

Sadly, this device isn’t available for the general public to buy. The first initial units will be shipped out around March 2014, but they will be going straight to the company’s partners so they can get some developers interested and can encourage them to start creating apps. Still, the company says that the feedback they have received so far has been mostly positive, so they are considering another shipment near the end of the year, which would most-likely be available to more people than just their partners.

As for the price, one hasn’t been stated. Most people are assuming that the device is going to cost around the same amount as Google’s smart glasses. Personally, I think they will probably be more competitively priced then that considering that a lot of smart glasses seem to have a price tag of around $600-700.

Your Thoughts?

How does this pair of smart glasses sound and look to you? Do they sound superior to any of the other devices that are in the smart glasses market? How do these smart glasses look to you – do they look good or bad? Would you ever find yourself picking up a pair of these? Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below!