MOTA Smart Glass: 3D Interactive Glasses

MOTA Smart Glass is a pair of smart glasses that look pretty sleek. They are currently under development, and information about them is pretty scarce.


When you look at the MOTA Smart Glasses, you immediately think of another device … Google Glass. I don’t really like comparing devices to each other, but these look so similar to Google Glass that it is hard NOT to compare the designs.


The device features a half oval display on the upper-right hand side of the frame. Right next to the display you will see a little circle, which is a 720p HD camera. The display’s casing wraps a little around the frame and is met by, what appears to be, a mono-earbud. You will notice that the left-hand side of the device has a bulge on it. I imagine this is where the battery is housed.


While the design of Google Glass and MOTA are only slightly different – the differences being the half oval display and the battery (?) housing – I much prefer the look of MOTA. There’s nothing terrible about the Google Glass design, but the fact that one side of Google Glass is loaded with stuff and the other side is completely empty, looks a bit off. At least with the MOTA Smart Glasses, there is a little activity on both sides.


As I mentioned above, information about the MOTA Smart glasses is a bit scarce. I have gone through MOTA’s whole site and I have searched on Google for the specs of these smart glasses, but can’t find them. The device is in development though, so I guess the company doesn’t want to release any specs before they actually know what they are going to be using.

Do you like the design of these smart glasses? Do you think that they look very similar to Google Glass? Let us know what you think in the comments section down  below!