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Newest apps and games for Oculus Rift

  • VRFaceball

    Oculus Rift - Game
    • VRFaceball is 2 minutes of increasingly intense batting practice where the bat is attached to your face. Spacebar to Start Game. Left Shift to Restart.

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  • GE Gas Turbines

    Oculus Rift - Experience
    • GE’s Creator-in-Residence Sally LePage tours the world’s largest gas turbine manufacturing facility, and gets up close with the 9HA gas turbine at GE Power

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  • A380 VR Cabin Demo

    Oculus Rift - Game
    • VR A380 Cabin Demo is a virtual reality simulation that lets you experience the feeling of being inside a cabin class. The experience begins with a

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  • 4089: Ghost Within

    Oculus Rift - Game
    • You’ll be able to battle & sneak through a huge procedural designed ship. Hack cameras & locked doors. Build walls for cover.

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  • 3DOthello

    Oculus Rift - Game
    • This is a simple game where you capture cubes that surround your opponents cubes. I’d suggest reading the Othello rules, it’s basically the

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  • 3Dea SpaceSys

    Oculus Rift - Experience
    • SpaceSys is not another tech demo quickly put together during summer break. It is our vision of a Virtual Reality Operating System Environment. We want it

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  • 3Dception : Binaural Audio Demo

    Oculus Rift - Experience
    • 3Dception is a real-time 3D binaural audio engine for Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS and Linux. This is a tech demo showcasing features such as room

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  • 3D Snake

    Oculus Rift - Game
    • Collect pickups for points, as you collect more pickups your tail becomes longer. Just steer with your face. Minimum System Requirements Pretty much

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  • 3D Parking Simulator

    Oculus Rift - Game
    • 3D Parking Simulator is a VR driving simulator specialized for parking. Currently you can practice car parking in 5 small courses. You can see stereoscopic

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