AltspaceVR is Having a Virtual Reality Super Bowl Party on Sunday

Most people have been to a Super Bowl party, but not a virtual one. This Super Bowl Sunday AltspaceVR, a Google Ventures-backed startup, will be throwing a virtual reality Super Bowl party.


AltspaceVR has created a virtual reality hangout that people can access this weekend via the Oculus Rift or a web browser. The virtual reality hangout has a giant couch, a big screen, windows, an upper floor where people can hangout and a virtual browser. Really, the only things that the virtual environment is missing is some food and beer.


AltspaceVR will be broadcasting NBC’s free web stream to the giant TV in the virtual world. As the game is going on, people will be able to talk with each other or browse their favorite sites using AltspaceVR’s virtual web browser.

Since this event is meant to portray a real Super Bowl party environment, there was a lot of development put into the way the audio works. Audio is directional and changes as you move around the environment. For example, the closer you get to the tv the louder it will get. Also, since audio is directional, you’ll actually be able to tell where people are talking. If someone is talking from behind you, then you will know. Basically, sound works the same way it does in real life.

While AltspaceVR has put a lot of work into making their virtual environment as awesome as possible. They are restrained by some technical limitations. Their main problem is that they can only fit a certain amount of people into a single environment. So, to get around that they are going to be running multiple instances of their Super Bowl party environment. By running multiple instances, a lot more people will be able to participate in the virtual Super Bowl party.

So far, 2,000 people have signed-up on AltspaceVR’s waiting list for the party. If you’re interested in going to the virtual Super Bowl party, then you can sign-up on the waiting list here. Remember, if you want beer, then you have to bring it.

Source: VentureBeat