Are Oculus Rift Games Free?

Valkyrie virtual reality

In the near future, games will be less fun when played on computers or consoles. A new technology is about to take over the world and will create a mass hysteria. This usually happens when something out of the ordinary is released in the world and everyone is wants to be in the forefront, to test out the latest gadgets that will make history. And virtual reality is the next step forward for gaming, so get ready to experience something amazing and realistic. If you’re wondering if this caprice will cost you a lot of money, well, let’s say that you’ll spend $599 on the Oculus Rift, but you’ll need a high-end gaming PC, which could cost up to $1000. But, if you want to know if the games for this VR headset will be free, we’ll answer below.

When the Development Kits of the Oculus Rift have been released years ago, many developers started working on their own games for this VR headset. Wikipedia has published a list of over 200 games that are either available/confirmed/planned, but only a few of them are free to play.

In 2013, one of the first released games compatible with the Development Kit, was the interactive adult game called 3DX Chat and in which the users were experiencing 3D sex with random people across the globe. Unfortunately, the game isn’t free, as it comes with a $20 monthly subscription. The rest of available games that have been launched in 2013 are: Aaaaa! for the Awesome, Assetto Corsa, Asunder: Earthbound, Black Island, Cloud Party, DARK, Doorways, Elite: Dangerous, Euro Truck Simulator 2, Half-Life 2, Half-Life: Source, Hawken,, Kairo, LICHT, Live for Speed, Lunar Flight, Maere: When Lights Die, Museum of the Microstar, Outerra Anteworld, Qbeh, Racer, Retrovirus, Slender: The Arrival, Soda Drinker Pro, Star Conflict, Strike Suit Zero, Team Fortress 2, Time Rifters, Undercurrent, VRInvestigation and War Thunder.

A year later came 4089 Ghost Within for DK 1 and DK 2, which is purchasable from the official website at a price of $5.99. In this stealth/action RPG game (in alpha status), the players will battle and sneak through a big procedurally designed ship, discover paths, build balls for cover, create rooms, enemies, weapons etc., and in the end, they will share them with other players.

It’s hard to tell how many games will be free to play once the Oculus Rift will hit the stores, but we’re guessing that the developers will want to take advantage of this opportunity to make some money and will set a small price for their games. One of the most expected games is Eve: Valkyrie, which will be available for free for the customers who will pre-order the Oculus Rift. Now, it’s in alpha stage.

Source: Wikipedia & TheRiftArcade