Experience Sleep Paralysis with New Oculus Rift Game Demo


A new Oculus Rift game demo aims to have people shaking in their boots by letting them experience what it is like to have sleep paralysis. The game is named Hypnagogia, which is a real term used to describe the state of being conscious while nearly asleep.


Hypnagogia, developed by Pixiludiq, imports players into a virtual world where they are lying in a bed. Players are given no controls and their only task is to lay there. As the game goes on, players are sent further into a virtual slumber and the effects of Hypnagogia become more apparent. Hypnagogia is known to be associated with sleep paralysis, vivid visual hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and all kinds of other things you don’t want to experience while you are trying to go to sleep.

Since Hypnagogia is meant to be an atmospheric horror game, things are played up a bit. Still, to think this game is based on real things that people experience while going to sleep is quite frightening.

Hypnagogia is currently compatible with the first and second version of the Oculus Rift (DK2). If you want to give the game a try, head on over here.

What are your thoughts on this game? Is it too spooky for you?

Source: VRFocus