Explore The Awkward Mind Of Salvador Dalí With The Oculus Rift

oculus rift salvador dali

Salvador Dalí lived was born May 11 1904 and died on January 23 1989. He was Spanish eccentric painter known for its bizarre paintings which were associated with the Surrealist movement and some of his famous works were “The Persistence of Memory”, “The Elephants”, “The Face Of War” etc. A large collection of paintings can be admired live at The Salvador Dalí Museum art museum from St. Petersburg, Florida, United States, and in virtual reality, thanks to a video created for the Oculus Rift, called “Dreams of Dalí”, which parachute the user into the mind of a genius.

Dreams of Dalí is a VR experience created by Goodby Silverstein & Partners for the new exhibition entitled “Disney and Dalí: Architects of the Imagination”, and which was opened on January 23 and will close on June 12. Sam Luchini and Roger Baran, the creative directors at GS & P are two Dalí fans and when they came up with the idea to taka advantage of this artist’s work and create a VR experience which will help other fans explore the strange world of the Spanish painter, through his work.

Using the Oculus Rift head-mounted display, the viewers will be sent to a desert where they will see in front of them two tall statues, a woman and a man from the painting “Angelus”, which Dali started painting in 1933. But these aren’t the only figurines that appear in the video. A man is holding his child’s hand, and they are representing Dali, when he was little, and his father, who are staring at the two towers. Birds are flying over and around the tall statues and then, the viewers are getting inside these constructions and they’re climbing to the top, from where they can see the moon. Somewhere in the back are sitting four elephants with almost arachnid-like legs (from the painting “The Elephants”) and the users will see also a small girl skipping rope (“Landscape With a Girl Skipping Rope”).

Goodby Silverstein & Partners has released a trailer for those who aren’t able to visit the museum and enjoy the exhibition:

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