Optinvent Sells Out Consumer ORA-X Smart Glasses

Optinvent is a company that creates smart glasses. Currently, they are working on two pairs of smart glasses; ORA-1 and ORA-X. ORA-1 is the developer version of their smart glasses and ORA-X is the consumer version of Optinvent's smart glasses. ORA

ORA-1 Gets a Kickstarter Campaign

You may or may not have heard of the ORA-1 (ORA-S) before. It's a pair of augmented reality glasses that is being worked on by a company called Optinvent. While a lot of smart glasses companies are working on providing people with glasses that have

Optinvent ORA Teaser Video

Optinvent released an ORA smart glasses teaser video that is interesting and also pretty cheesy. The Optinvent ORA is an interesting pair of smart glasses. Their specs are pretty similar to other smart glasses with 1GB DDR, 4GB of flash, an HD c


ORA-S is another pair of augmented reality glasses that is available on the market. There are a couple unique things about this pair of glasses compared to the other ones that have been covered on this blog. The ORA-S has been available for purchase

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