Optinvent Looking For Feedback on Design Concepts of ORA-X

ORA smart glasses are a pair of augmented reality glasses that are being worked on by a company called Optinvent. ORA smart glasses are pretty similar to other smart glasses when it comes to functionality. ORA smart glasses run an Android OS, have apps, and can do a lot of the same things that other smart glasses can do. The thing that makes ORA smart glasses special, at least when it comes to the developer version (ORA-1), is that the display has two view modes.

The display on the ORA-1 smart glasses has two view modes. There’s a glance mode, which places the display near the bottom right hand side of the glasses. And, the display can also be placed in AR mode, which places the display in the middle of your FOV and is comparable to the placement of the displays on the Moverio BT-200. The ability to move the display is a pretty interesting feature and one that many companies don’t implement.

Anyway, about three weeks ago, Optinvent created a Kickstarter for their ORA-1 smart glasses. The ORA-1 smart glasses are meant for developers and Optinvent doesn’t recommend them to regular consumers. With that being said, Optinvent is also working on a consumer version of their smart glasses and they’re not-so-cleverly named ORA-X.

ORA-1, the smart glasses meant for developers, is Optinvent’s main focus right now so we don’t hear a lot about ORA-X. But, that seems to be changing because recently Optinvent went to their Kickstarter campaign to get some feedback on some design concepts of the ORA-X, the consumer version of the ORA smart glasses.

Optinvent posted an update to their Kickstarter campaign and uploaded three different concepts of their consumer ORA-X smart glasses with each having their own alphabetical letter. There’s concept A, concept B, and concept C. Here they are:

ORA-X Design Concept A


ORA-X Design Concept B


ORA-X Design Concept C


Personally, I’m stuck between concepts B and C. When it comes to B, I like the fact that you can flip the display onto the top of your head and completely remove it from your view. Also, when the display is pushed up top, the glasses seem to be about the same size of a normal pair of headphones. So, you can easily throw them in a backpack. The negative side of concept B is that the display part has a higher chance of being broken at some point due to the movable parts. But, that’s really the only negative side.

The thing I like about concept C is that it kind of looks like a normal pair of sunglasses. The display is placed behind the lenses so it’s less noticeable. It’d be nice if concept C’s arms were foldable like a normal pair of glasses, but I’m sure that’s hard to pull off considering the pieces of hardware inside.

Anyway, if you have the time, then make sure to tell Optinvent which concept of ORA-X you like the most. You can do so via the comments section of this Kickstarter update. So, which concept do you think is the best?