Optinvent ORA Teaser Video

Optinvent released an ORA smart glasses teaser video that is interesting and also pretty cheesy. 


The Optinvent ORA is an interesting pair of smart glasses. Their specs are pretty similar to other smart glasses with 1GB DDR, 4GB of flash, an HD camera, a bunch of sensors and a dual core processor. The most interesting thing about this pair of smart glasses is the patented display that it uses. The display is called “Clear-Vu” and it allows see-through vision while displaying a virtual image simultaneously.  The Clear-Vu display has a wide viewing angle, and is also shatter proof. The display can also be shifted two ways to activate different modes. One position is AR mode and another is called “glance mode”.

Optinvent has released a few sneak peek videos in the past, but the latest one has to be the most interesting and cheesiest one. Last month, Optinvent released a teaser for the ORA smart glasses, and shows off some of the things you can possibly do with the device. It’s a relatively short video and is worth the watch, even though it is pretty cheesy and will have you giggling.

Here is the video:

It’s an interesting video, but I doubt that some of the stuff in the video is actually possible.  Still, I really do like the idea of playing PacMan while on the bus.  The user interface looks pretty good, but the way it has the “standard” android app look at certain points in the video does make it look a bit off.

Overall, the Optinvent ORA looks like a device that is worth the money. The pre-order pricing is around $1000, so you could say it is a cheaper alternative to Google Glass. If you want to learn more about the specs you can visit our post about it or go to the device’s official website.

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