Optinvent Sells Out Consumer ORA-X Smart Glasses

Optinvent is a company that creates smart glasses. Currently, they are working on two pairs of smart glasses; ORA-1 and ORA-X. ORA-1 is the developer version of their smart glasses and ORA-X is the consumer version of Optinvent’s smart glasses. ORA smart glasses run an Android OS, have apps, and can do a lot of the same things that other smart glasses can do.

About a month ago, Optinvent updated the Kickstarter for their ORA-1 and ORA-X smart glasses. The update wasn’t anything super crazy, but they did post some design concepts for the consumer version of their ORA smart glasses (ORA-X). From the looks of things, Optinvent has yet to settle on one of the designs. With that being said, some interesting news has popped up from Optinvent as of late.

Even though Optinvent has yet to settle on a design for their ORA-X smart glasses, they have sold out their first 100 units. 100 people have plopped down $300 each to get their hands on the first shipment of the ORA-X smart glasses. This is pretty awesome news considering how the ORA smart glasses don’t get that much mainstream coverage.

With the announcement about selling 100 units of ORA-X, Optinvent has also added a new picture to the Kickstarter page. The picture shows a mockup of design concept A / the headphone version of the ORA-X smart glasses. The mockup of the design looks pretty slick. Check it out:

ORA- X Design Concepts

ORA- X Design Concepts


ORA-X Design Concept A Mockup

While Optinvent is making some progress and sales with ORA-X they still have a little bit to go to meet their Kickstarter goal. To be exact, they have to get another $36,731 in 19 days to reach their goal. Many Kickstarters have been able to reach their goals in that amount of time and hopefully Optinvent will be able to as well. The ORA smart glasses seem pretty nice and obviously there is a demand for them. Optinvent wouldn’t have been able to raise $63,269 if there wasn’t a demand.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the mockup? Think it looks good? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!